Ms. Ruggeri was born in Priay , Ain in 1948. Attracted by the light of the South of France, she moved to Bonnieux early in her career, and developed her own style and technique using oil on canvas and later pastel on paper.

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Anne-Marie Ruggeri adores Provence with its dazzling colors, and her work is full of the joy and delight of its landscapes. Her pastels capture the feel and color of the region and are much sought after by collectors.
Internationally recognized as fine examples of Provence Figurative Art, her works are exhibited in more than twenty galleries worldwide, and are enjoying an increasing popularity in the US.

Each project allows her to experience the full range of creative emotions, and each brush stroke expresses her communion with her subject. If the viewer shares her vision, therein lies her satisfaction as she keeps growing by giving, each time, the best of herself.