Mr. janin was born in Bourg-en-Bresse in 1959, and studied in Grenoble. Displaying artistic talent at an early age, but having two passions, in 1989 he dropped his initial career in architecture and to Bonnieux to paint full-time.

His painting displays an almost expressionistic feel in his treatment of the color , shape and light of the Provence landscape. He works primarily with a palette knife which adds spontaneity to his paintings, while his use of brilliant colors enhances the overall effect.

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A figurative artist with a Provencal inspiration, Philippe janin employs rigorous technical skills in the processes of structuring, drawing , applying matter, and introducing colors. His guiding principle is that mastering technique is a prerequisite for freeing his mind and letting his most spontaneous and sensuous instincts achieve their natural role and expression. It is not intellect but passion that drives his quest to reach an emotional peak with each work of art.

Philippe is well known both for his oils and pastels, which are avidly collected in France and abroad.
His work charms a wide audience from the casual gallery patron to the most sophisticated collector.
Acclaimed internationally through exhibitions in more than twenty galleries, he is now at the forefront of the Provence school.